Google AI Privacy

"Federated Learning works through collaborative learning, using de-identified, aggregated information from many devices to improve machine learning models." - Google

The video was featured for the launch of the new AI brand at Google I/O 2018 in the article an article titled AI in Hardware.

The complex nature of the material required us to reduce the concepts down to the abstracted shape level while still staying as accurate as possible to the essence of the concepts. The hand drawn design direction gave a friendly and inviting feel to the technical domain. I collaborated with PM's and engineers to make sure the concepts held up even if they were abstracted. In the end we crafted a spot that highlights the privacy preserving benefits of Federated Learning while keeping the complex subject matter approachable.

Writer: Alison Lentz, JT DiMartile
Original designs: Selman Design
Directed and Animated by: JT DiMartile
Sound Design: Luc Burson